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Trinidad and Tobago has a well-educated, experienced and skilled labour force. Education has been a prime focus of each government since independence in 1962. There is a literacy rate of over 90%, and the workforce is marked by its high number of university graduates and postgraduates, many of whom have studied in the UK and North America.

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago has given education a prominent place in its Vision 2020 Action Plan. Initiatives have been launched to triple the number of students having access to tertiary education, and to facilitate the development of a tertiary education sector that will enable the population to meet and surmount the challenges of globalization and liberalization.

There are two major universities in Trinidad and Tobago that welcome foreign students:

  • The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus
  • The University of Trinidad and Tobago

In addition, there are a number of privately run tertiary education institutions that offer degree programmes.

Foreign students interested in studying in Trinidad and Tobago should apply to the institution, obtain a student permit from the Ministry of National Security, Immigration Division, and then apply for a visa (if applicable) before travelling to Trinidad and Tobago to assume the course of study.

For information on Student Permits please see